High quality, folding, bamboo laptop table with 2 year guarantee (FBT04-L-N)

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  • Very good Right-left symmetrical design! Also suitable for Left-handed people!;
  • Stuffed Size: 72cm x 35cm x 5cm, height adjustable table: 23-32cm. the large tray tilt: 36 x 35cm and the two smaller fixed plates: 18 x 35cm.
  • Thickness: 14mm, Color: Natural; Weight: 6kg.
  • Material: bamboo, table surfaces varnished.
  • Also suitable for Left-handed people!This extra wide folding table can be used by one or two person

Product Details

Product Description

A placemat free as gift.

These extra wide folding table may be used by one, be used as well by two people as a laptop table, small desk or breakfast table in the bed on the sofa, or even outdoors.

Through the use of the little table, you can save your back and work comfortably read, play, or eat. practice, reclining, folding, very high quality and easy to store.

Each leg can be varied individually in this model in height, so the table can be adapted exactly to the ground on which he stands. Where you can adjust the front legs shorter than the rear can, the table can be tilted by more than 45 °

Made of bamboo laptop bed table does not only work on the laptop but pleasant, with its beautiful design also makes it a real eye-catcher.

You can use it anywhere: on the bed to the sofa, then fold in the open air, etc. And after use and stowed easily again.

Both the table and the table height can be adjusted and thus adapt to their individual needs.

Bamboo is moisture resistant, easy to clean. Made of bamboo, which is eco friendly since it grows quickly and is therefore a renewable resource. Comes with a natural finish.

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