Laptop Stickers 104pcs , Car Stickers Waterproofing Vinyl Stickers 3D Stereo Feeling Stickers for Motorcycle Bicycle Luggage Decal Graffiti Patches Skateboard Stickers for Laptop -Random Sticker Pack


    • 1.The material is PVC lamination, a translucent state, 100% new products. Size of the stickers: 2.5-4.5 inch, all stickers no-duplicate stickers
    • 2.This kinds of stickers are green environmental protection sticks, life waterproof, not faded, not warped, dirty can be scrubbed with wet towel
    • 3.Put a sticker on the product that you like, let the insipid space exude the feeling of feeling and vitality immediately, give a person with comfortable and comfortable enjoyment
    • 4. Perfect to personalize Laptops, Macbook, Skateboards, Luggage, Cars, Bumpers, Bikes, Bicycles, Bedroom, Travel Case, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Snowboard, PS4, XBOX ONE
    • 5. Amazing Assortment of Car Sticker Decals, a best gift for your kids, friends, lovers to DIY decoration. Get your Stickers, Clean the surface, Sticker on, then Use your imagination create works NOW!

    Product Details

    Product Description

    1. Each pattern has 3D stereo feeling, It is the best way to decorate your product, Absolutely worth buying

    2.The material is PVC lamination, a translucent state, 100% new products

    3.Size of the stickers: 2.5-4.5 inch, 150 pcs no-duplicate stickers

    4.This is a super choice for anyone looking for stickers, but are especially excellent for anyone looking to reward kids' hard work and behavior.

    5. We have three kinds of quantity for you to choose from. You can choose your quantity to purchase according to your needs and interests

    Special instructions:

    1, if you are stick on the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because its material is smooth, post before it is better to dry clean cloth to cover, so it's easy to paste, and smooth effect is better;

    2, some of the larger pattern to stick, there may be a little after flattening bubbles appear, then you can use to remove air bubbles or shave off scratch CARDS with pinpoint tiny bubbles burst can be erased and will not affect the overall effect of paste;

    3, if paste brush the metope of be affected with damp be affected with damp, aging, or just the new paint, paste after may cause wall stickers off automatically, or will cause peeling off metope, can blow hot air blow dry or stay metope paint volatilizes until after a period of time, but the effect is likely to come in and go out, so please post by the broad masses of customers choose location;

    4. If you accidentally put the wall in the wrong position, you can use a small blade to gently lift the corner of the wall, and then paste it, and then, you can reuse it in normal circumstances, as long as it is not torn;

    5.Typesetting size??DIY products are closely, you can play unlimited creativity, free combination shape and location, you can use scissors to cut open pattern, respectively, the first cut of time be careful not to damage the design

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