Starrybay® 500w Reliable Portable Big Capacity Dc 12v to Ac 110v Power Car Inverter with Dual USB Charging Ports and Cigarette Lighter (Hot-a1-00121)


    • Adopting all-mental aluminum shell,making the inverters safer,with over 90% of conversion efficiency.
    • Suitable for nominal power home appliances and equipments,such as TV,induction cooker,computer,lamp,refrigerator,air conditioner and so on.
    • Professional design and many protection functions(overheat,overvoltage,under voltage,overload,over current etc) Transformers using special technology, with the capacity to make a stronger, more reliable, more stable.
    • It will automatically shut down in the event of short-circuits, low battery power, DC input voltage overload, output overload, or excessive temperature. It can resume working automatically after these exceptions eliminated.
    • Comes with battery clamps and car cigarette adapter. Please tighten the Positive (+) and Negative (-) terminals nuts when connecting to car batteries. This inverter is only for DC 12V car use, can NOT be applied to DC 24V.

    Product Details

    Product Description

    Product Specification

    1. Input Voltage: 12V DC, Output voltage: 110V~120V

    2. Indicator: Green-operation, Red-shutdown .

    3. Work Temperature: 0℃~40℃.

    4. Dimensions: 187*146*64(mm) .

    5. Net weight: 0.64kg.

    Optimal Use and Precautions

    1. For DC12V and Car ONLY .

    2. Don't place the inverter near flammable materials or areas subject to direct sunlight or high levels of humidity.

    3. Confirm that the product's rated voltage and the AC power supply voltage match.

    4. Don't misuse the the red and black wire which clip to positive and negative .

    Usage method

    1.Place the power switches of the inverter and the AC device on the OFF position.

    2.Connect properly to DC power source in compliance with the rating input voltage.

    3.Plug the cord of the AC device in the output socket of the inverter.

    4.Turning the switch of inverter on (the switch indicator gives light), then that of the AC device, this AC device can be used now as under the power supply.


    1.Before you turn on the inverter, you'd better plug the electrical appliances first so as to avoid that they don't meet specifications to damage the inverter.

    2.Please treat the outlet of the inverter with the same respect as that of any household power .

    3.Don't place any article on/over the inverter when operating . Keep the circulation of air around it.

    4.It gets so hot after working at a full load for a long time that it may hurt you if you touch it.

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